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About Dianne Thompson

Dianne is a Canadian artist who lives in Saskatchewan. Her style reflects her love of nature - the light, the colours, the textures. She captures the beauty of landscapes and scenes in both realism and abstracted styles. Dianne finds inspiration from the natural beauty of the world and paints using acrylic and watercolour paints. Dianne's work is full of breathtaking colours and creative compositions. You can't help but be mesmerized by the varying textures she creates on her canvas. Explore her portfolio to see how she captures light in space with her attention to detail.

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    Dianne Thompson has been involved with art in some form all her life. She started drawing at a very young age and learned to paint in art classes as a teenager. In the early 90’s she took painting classes with Ward Schell and many other successful painters at the Neil Balkwill Centre and joined the art community through the Prairie Artists Guild shortly after that. When her kids and work made life too busy, she decided to put away her brushes for a time. 
    Dianne has been the Owner and Lead Interior Stylist at Simply Stunning Designs for over 15 years. She is a Certified Canadian Staging Professional with a keen eye for design. Dianne teaches art classes and she also has volunteer experience teaching English at the Regina Immigrant Women Centre as well as volunteering at the Regina Floral Conservatory cleaning and decorating. Dianne also is a Certified Color Consultant which is evident in the palette of her paintings.
    After becoming a Home Stager and seeing the canvases that were flying out of the doors of Retail stores, she decided to add her own large paintings to some of her Staged homes. She started painting wall and fence Murals including a 20' commissioned fence mural (see the mural below), and in the fall of 2017 took 2 workshops from a highly successful Muralist in Flagstaff, AZ – Mural Joe Cornelius. Currently, she has rejoined the Prairie Artists Guild and was excited to paint a large mural on the south and west walls of Capital Electric with several of her Guild friends. Dianne has a passion for nature and that shows in her art. When she isn't painting she can be found hiking, spending time with her family, or teaching.
    Her passion for painting, nature, design, and sharing what she knows with people are common themes throughout every facet of her life. Dianne finds fulfillment in her art and finds joy in knowing that she can share it with others. Her goal is to make people happy by creating a space for them to enjoy the beauty of nature.
    Dianne has been a Prairie Artists Guild member since 2017.

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